What can fit?

You might be amazed to see what all can fit in a shoebox. After all, it’s just a simple little shoebox, right? We have already started packing our boxes, so for an example my son managed to fill his first shoebox of the year with:

1 coloring book
1 notepad
1 journal
12 pencils
12 crayons
1 watercolor paint set
1 glue stick
3 small porcupine balls
1 slinky
1 yo-yo
1 container of play dough
1 jump rope
1 lip whistle
3 bracelets
1 large eraser
1 pencil sharpener
1 hair brush
1 comb
4 hair ties
1 winter headband
1 pair mittens
1 t-shirt
1 washcloth
1 bar of soap
1 tube of toothpaste
1 toothbrush
1 package of floss
1 deodorant
and a plush elephant for a lucky child to love on.

A couple of tips for fitting more things into your shoeboxes is to take things out of their packaging. It really opens up more space. The only time we leave packaging on is if it has the instructions, like we did for the yo-yo on the list above. Another way to save space is to roll up clothing items as small as possible. For the box above, the headband and t-shirt were rolled up and held that way with the hair ties we included. Same with the crayons and the pencils.

As you see in the picture below, we also use sterilite containers instead of the cardboard shoeboxes that OCC provides as we feel this is part of the gift. The children receiving these boxes, and their families, can then go on to use the boxes for other things as well.