Review of Switched On Schoolhouse

This company makes a number of products, and I have not used all of them, though I have used quite a few. My oldest three children have used Switched on schoolhouse and they have really loved it! They love how it automatically grades things for them (and so do I) and how it compliments them on their work. They also like the videos, which they watch over and over, and the games, which I sometimes have to limit them on. But when it gets down to it, if I have a child who is supposed to be on a break between school years who is begging to get to do school work instead of playing video games, I think that means the curriculum is a real win.

We ended up purchasing the full curriculum packages for grades 3-6 and French for elementary school as well. At over $400 for the complete package, it was quite the investment, but I went into it thinking I would be able to recoup the cost by reusing the curriculum with all of my children as it advertises itself as being able to be used with up to five children (though it actually seems like it is more like 5 times being downloaded, so be mindful of how many computers you put it on if this is the case).

However, in the end this product did not end up continuing to work as well for my family when I went back to work. I don’t know whether it was the fact that I went back to work or maybe my children had just grown tired of using it after a number of years, but they stopped doing their homework and would either just play during the time I was gone or try to sneak in games on their computers. It wasn’t working. We ended up switching them back to workbooks after using this for about three years. I still think it is a wonderful program, but it requires more oversight, especially with the younger grades, then what I was able to provide my students at the time.