Review of Spectrum

When I decided to start homeschooling my kids, I felt totally overwhelmed with the choices on curriculum. I eventually found one that I liked. It had all the subjects I was looking for, answer sheets and rewards at the end. It even had tests within some of the books, and sells Test Prep and Test books as well. One of the things I thought would come in handy for organizing their work was the fact that each of the subjects has their own color for the covers.

My kindergartner also started school this year and was really happy to receive books that looked exactly like what the Big Kids get. True, we have had times when one child grabs one that belongs to another, but it is always quickly resolved, because even though all kids have the same colors for the same subjects, there is a number for their grade, or a K for Kindergarten, at the top in the corner. I also feel that sticking with one company for all of the kids and subjects makes it simpler for teacher when it comes to grading and planning without having to work with different methods in different companies.

As you can see from the photo below of all of the books for my kids in their three different grades, the curriculum we use is Spectrum, in addition to supplemental projects and games.

curriculum spectrum

*Note: This first picture is an older picture of my children’s curriculum, they no longer come in the same obvious color differentiation. Now the colors are grade based, not subject based and are shown along the spine of the book and on the front cover where the grade level is displayed.*