Review of Glencoe Health

Health is always a touchy subject for me. As a Christian family, while I want my children educated and knowing about their changing bodies and the other health basics, I do not want them exposed to a lot. I do not teach my children about homosexuality or anything on that spectrum, they only know the basics of sex (what parts are called, etc.) I have been appalled at some of the books targeted at children recently-depicting actual sex, talking about homosexuality and birth control among other things.

I only have one child who needed the curriculum this year as I think they need to have at least one good year of health after about sixth grade, once a child is getting old enough to be physically ready for puberty and so if they have questions the information received will be more relevant to the now then years off down the road.

I wasn’t intentionally looking for the curriculum I eventually ended up choosing to use, but it turned out to be what I was looking for. My sister, who also homeschools her own children, passed along a Glencoe Health: A Guide To Wellness textbook to my family. I did a quick glance through and was glad that it introduces puberty to children and while discusses sex, does so from an abstinence, marriage and family standpoint. It also goes into talking about sexually transmitted infections, but doesn’t overwhelming focus on them.

It is an older edition, published in 2003, which is why I think it doesn’t present the topics I was hoping to avoid dealing with, so it works for our family.

What have you all used for health and what do you like/dislike about it?