Review of DK Geography

This year we are using DK Geography for the first time with my first grader. I chose this curriculum because she is also getting Little Passports World Explorer so while she is learning about countries and regions through Little Passports, the same themes are going to be reinforced for her through her workbook learning, in between receiving boxes in the mail.

She started using the workbook before she even got the first box (still has not arrived) and already she seems to love it. The pages are simple enough for her to grasp, though it is obvious that they are introducing new topics to her as some explaining has to be done, but the topic does get repeated at least for a couple of pages, so she has a chance to get a grasp of what they are working on.

One of the things she really likes about the book though, which most small children would, is the sticker rewards. At the front of the book is a sheet of gold star stickers and the next page is a table of contents with a spot for a sticker to be placed when each page is completed. Almost like giving her a checklist, but it serves as a visual reminder for her as to how much of the book she has gotten done and how much she still needs to get done to be finished with it. In addition to the table of contents stickers, there is a spot on each page where she is able to put a sticker as well. I usually let her do the one on the completed page and I do the one on the checklist.

I would have to say that based on how much she keeps going back and back to work on this book, even though she usually does not have work due in it, she probably prefers to work on this over her other subjects. So I would say this one definitely gets the kid approval!