Review of Daily Geography

Originally, I would have had to say that I was displeased with this workbook when I purchased it for my sixth grader. I did not like the fact that it showed the answer key on the same page that he was working on, however, I had gone to a homeschool supply store in my city and it was the only curriculum I could find for his grade level for geography that did not push Islam.

You see, we are a Christian homeschooling family, and while I do not mind my children learning about the Middle East from a geographical perspective, I fail to see where including religion or religious history has to do with that. So I steer away from those books when I am shopping for geography. That would fall more if  I was looking for history or culture, or perhaps religion.

However, with looking up this curriculum on the actual Evan Moor page, it appears the reason I was displeased with the answer key being on the page he was working on was because the book that was sold at the store and that he ended up using was actually a teacher’s guide and not the student workbook. Now that I have seen the differences on their website, I think I would actually purchase this curriculum again, just making sure I was buying the right one.