Review of Apologia Science

I do science with all my kids, starting in kindergarten and I also like to combine age groups at least with science. Because of this, I need something simple enough for the youngest kids, but adaptable for the older children. Also, because we are a Christian family, it is very important to me that their science be Biblically-focused from companies I trust.

The company I have found that fits the bill for this Apologia. This year my elementary students are working with Apologia Exploring Science Through Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day which is geared towards students in elementary school.

There are a couple of things I like about how Apologia has their workbooks set up too. 1) If you are working with a younger child or one who needs easier work (maybe just being introduced to science textbooks or whatever reason), the workbooks they sell come either as a workbook or Jr. workbook, the second of which simplifies the homework/writing process, even adds in some coloring exercises. This year I chose to go with the Jr. level workbook for my elementary kids because I have one non-reader in the group and even the eldest in the group can have days where he’s fairly resistant to working. The second reason I love Apologia is it already comes set with a pre-made lesson plan in the front of the workbook. For me, between work, kids and homeschooling, every little bit of extra work already done for me helps immensely. This lets me put on my kids overall lesson plan for the week that they just need to complete one week in their Apologia books.

For Middle School, the books get a little more complicated. They all of a sudden come with tests and have lab equipment you can purchase separate. My middle schooler is doing Apologia Exploring Science Through General Science. It also comes with the pre-made lesson plan which simplifies things for both of us.
If you’re kids want more with their science, Apologia also sells CDs with printouts and things need for your children to continue their learning with lapbooking.

Pictures below for the two topics of science we are using this year and link to Apologia’s website.