Online Resources

Paid Websites

Moby Max:
This appears to be an awesome website for my kids. I heard about it and decided to do the free trial for my children and was so impressed! It gives them placement tests in math and language arts to see where they should be working and when they are done with the test, it lets the parent see exactly what standards have been missed. Those standards are then covered in their lessons. Oh, and should your child have an off day and score horribly on the test, you can simply have the test be reassigned.
I also like that Moby Max shows me my children’s Learning Velocity, which is basically how many years of school they’re doing in one year by my understanding.
My children really like Moby Max not only because they are able to earn game time by doing their work on it, after every lesson they finish, it tells them how much game time they have earned, for my kids it appears to be in the 10-15 second range for each lesson.
This website does allow you to use it for free, but the paid functions, like seeing the Learning Velocity and kids being able to play games really makes it more worthwhile, and we only paid $79 per year for an unlimited number of students.

Reading Eggs:
My children absolutely love Reading Eggs! Even my children who are too old for it (my opinion of that is those at a reading level higher than second grade, though the website allows kids to be older) want to play it.
The website takes children from absolutely no experience with reading to a 2nd grade reading level in 120 lessons.
You can generally find this with a free trial for about two weeks and in that time my daughter got over 60 lessons done, but otherwise a one year subscription is fairly expensive, but allows students to use Reading Eggspress, the portion for above 2nd grade level and when I signed my daughters up, it added in Mathseeds for free, which is their math side of the website. In addition to occasional discounts, they offer a sibling discount to where a second child is half off when you register both children at the same time.
We have had some technical issues with their website, even when we use other computers, especially with loading, but we can usually bypass that by letting my daughter use my phone.

Free Websites

Teach Your Monster To Read:
This website functions a lot like Reading Eggs and has been compared frequently as such by homeschooling parents I know. It is completely free to use online and my children absolutely loved it, however, we did stop using it because it would no longer load on our computers. We’d get requests to update Adobe, follow the steps and then be told to update Adobe, so unfortunately we gave up with this website.
However, this website is nice in that children have to read in order to move on. They have recently launched an iPad app as well, though I’ve not tried it. I hope it works better than my experiences with the computer.


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