OCC Birthdays

Have you ever wanted to be able to do more than just a couple of shoeboxes? My son did one box last year, as the rest of my kids did as well. This year he wanted to do more. He wanted it to be bigger and better.
He chose to have his birthday party but instead of asking for gifts for himself, he asked everyone to contribute items that would go towards his boxes. His party was certainly not large by many people’s standards, there were only about a half a dozen friends and their siblings in attendance, but it turned into such a success.
When he went home, he combined all of his gifts into one container in order to have them in one spot to work on rounding out his boxes as there were some needed items he was lacking, but he managed to fill an 18 gallon tote with the OCC gifts he received. He has been working on them, saving for items the boxes still need and he has already managed to make four boxes, that’s four times what he did last year! And he still has things in his tote that need boxes.
His giving has also encouraged his younger siblings, who want to do the same as he has done, and even without a party, the three of them have managed to make four boxes of their own, and it has only been about three weeks since the birthday party!
The Lord sure works in amazing ways!

A close up at the party while opening one of the gift bags.