Box Subscriptions

Raddish…letting your kids relish their love of cooking

One of my children is an avid little chef. You know the type, any time he sees anything, be it a magazine, junk mail, etc, that says recipe inside, he begs me to be allowed to clip them and save them. Following his love of cooking, this school year I have decided to supplement his learning with a subscription to Raddish: an amazing company that ships your child a box with a collection of recipes, shopping list, related craft, patch to put on their apron, tool to learn how to use (this month it was a garlic rocker) and some talking point cards for the parent. If you get the 6 or 12 month subscription, the first box also comes with a child’s apron with the Raddish logo, and they give you the option of purchasing a binder to keep the recipe cards in, which I chose to get.

Our first box arrived and my son was so excited (even just seeing the pictures of cooking utensils on the outside of the box got him excited about it). This month the topix is Brazil, in line with the fact that the Olympics are going on. Yet another plus for this subscription because you get to talk to your children about world events if that’s why a theme was chosen and introduce them to international recipes. Also, the boxes do not repeat, so you’ll never have to worry about your child getting bored or having to repeat the same thing. Below is a picture of the box when we recieved it.

We invited some family members over and had a blast learning about the dishes from Brazil. The first ones the kids attempted to make was the Gaucho Steak Skewers, which led to great lessons on cleaning your work station and working with raw meat. Because we had so many kids working (8), we divided the remaining two dishes between them and they acted like it was a cooking show seeing who could finish first. The child who receives the monthly subscription also made the included craft-a carnival mask.