Quest Club

One of the beauties of homeschooling is schooling different children across a span of ages, which allows younger students to learn from the older students, and older students to gain confidence in the knowledge they’ve learned by being able to impart that to younger students.

One way we have incorporated this into our homeschooling is through Quest Club Homeschool; this is a program similar to scouting, but really tailored to be able to be used as a family unit or even as a homeschool co-op. A homeschool family membership is currently $30 a year.

I usually recommend this program to other homeschool families when I hear they are looking to incorporate home economics or wanting to teach a topic across multiple ages. For example, I was able to pull up their website and look at a sample badge for making soap.

To show the difference in requirements for ages, there are only two requirements for a student who is preschool: to learn the safety measures when making soap, and to help make one type of soap, fairly easy for a 3-5 year old child. If you are combining multiple children of different ages, for example you have a preschool age child and a child who is considered level one (grades K-2 or ages 5-8), your preschool child will only have those 2 requirements; however, your level one child will need to complete the preschool level requirements AND find 5 different items that can be used as a mold for soap.

So just with this one example, you can see how it can be tailored to working with different age groups, while still taking into account that younger children will not be able to learn to the same mastery level of an older student. It does not increase too much between a preschool and level 1 but if you were working with a preschooler and a level 4 (grades 9-12 or ages 14-18), there would be two requirements for a preschooler to complete while there are seven requirements for a level 4 to do in order to earn the badge.

This program covers ages 3 to adult (level 5), so homeschooling parents can even learn topics and earn badges alongside their children. One important thing to note is that the badges do not move up with the children as they go into the next age category, so what we have done is if their vest is retired (yes, they get a scouting vest for Quest, just as they would for any other scout program) they should just keep the badges on that vest and get a new one for their next adventure.

Another nice thing about this program is that it is constantly evolving in the number of badges that are earned as any family is able to note where they would like a badge to be able to be earned, and if there currently is not one available for that, the family is able to write the badge requirements for it and submit it to Quest. I believe you are also able to submit design ideas for your badge so long as they are not a copyrighted image.

Have you used this program? If so, share your own review in the comments.

Quest Clubs soap making


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