Teaching 9/11 with Homeschoolers

One of the beautiful things about homeschool is as the parents, we choose the message we pass on to our children and especially with events like 9/11, that is all the more important. It was and still is a huge event for Americans. And while we do not live in fear because of what happened on that day, in the eyes of some children, the events of the day are terrifying. (Armed terrorist hijacked planes using them to kill and injure thousands of Americans, on our soil).

A resource I found awhile back explains 9/11 to children in a short clip with paper cut outs. It does mention religion towards the end, so if that’s not how you’d want to explain it to your kids, probably stop the video after the explanation of the fourth plane or shortly thereafter where it says a lot of people were hurt on that day.

The important thing is that it allows us as parents to judge how much we feel our children are ready to know. Teenagers are ready to know more. (There is a picture floating around Facebook saying that high school freshmen this year are the first ones who will be taught 9/11 as something that happened before they were born.) Younger kids definitely need it in smaller amounts.

A friend of mine put it a good way in that, his kids know that “bad men took over planes in ordee to hurt Americans, but we’ve fought back.”

How do you teach 9/11 to your children (if you choose to)?


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