Encountering Homeschool Bias

For the most part, I am used to people questioning homeschool and my choice to do so when they know me and it is their first time hearing that I do so. This most recent time was a different story…

I was on my way home and decided to swing into our local Barnes and Nobel because it is on the way and because we needed some things. Granted of course I grabbed more than what I told myself on the way in I was going to grab, but then when I had my purchases in hand, I made my way to the counter, waited in line and then walked up to the cashier when it was my turn.

She rang up my items and then asked about my discount card. I have an educator discount card through their store chain and that all showed up on her computer just fine, but then she asked if I was with one of the programs up here.

In Alaska, you can join with a program and receive funds for homeschooling your kids but havs to go along with a number of restrictions and requirements, which I have never been okay with. So we’re not with a program; we’re independent.

When this cashier heard this, she proceeded to say that because I was not with a program, I needed to show my lesson plan as well. I told her I had already turned in what was needed, she seemed skeptical and asked a few more questions but eventually rang up the purchases and I left the store ticked.

At home I checked their website and it said nothing about lesson plans, so I knew the requirements hadn’t changed since I had gotten my educators card.

Have you ever any sort of bias or restrictions due to homeschooling? How did you handle it?


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