Creative Electives

Most of my children have done what seems typical for what we call elective classes, extra classes based on their interests, that until now have gotten my children out into the community, learning, socializing. But last year I had two students who outright refused to go to the classes we put them in, and each in their own way, would not behave in class.

This year, they will be doing their own elective courses at home. Things we will purposely work on with them.

It all started after realizing they still weren’t doing anything out of the home, and then my 5th grader saw quilting materials at our local Walmart and asked to learn, so the goal for him will just be to make a couple, hopefully getting trickier as he goes.

As we were starting his first quilt on the first morning, before any of his siblings were awake, we started laying everything out on the floor of our living room so he could see it and imagine it. Then his sister came out. She used to take ballet and Irish dance, but tends to get too nervous and shy in larger groups so that wasn’t working well for her.

She asked if she could learn how to quilt too.

I told her she would need to start smaller, like her brother did, with making a pocket and sewing on a button. Her first project was born. She will eventually make a little handbag….hopefully.

As things progress, we shall see how this goes. 

What do your children do for electives? What if they’re unwilling?


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