Review of TinkerCrate 

I purchased TinkerCrate for my oldest this year. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll see that each of my children have gotten box subscriptions based on either where I felt their interests lied (such as with this choice) or that lined up well with what they are learning this year. The other subscriptions we have done are to Raddish and to Little Passports (World and USA). This is the final one I will be reviewing, though all will be updated as we go since most were introductory kits.

He received his box in the mail and was very excited as his was one of the last to be received so he was waiting to see what he was getting this month. I had originally thought that TinkerCrate did a trebuchet kit for their starter kit, but apparently it’s totally random: we received a kit to make a rubber band car while a friend who also just started received kits for 3d view finders for her children. 

So if you get this subscription, it is a total surprise as to what is coming, but it gets kids building and thinking. For example, in this kit, he had multiple sets of wheels and it encouraged him to try different wheels to see what would happen.

This box subscription not only comes with everything needed to make the item inside, but also with an accompanying magazine on the topic of the kit, called TinkerZine. One thing we learned is it is helpful to read through the magazine before making the item in the kit as it gives helpful advice and he had to redo at least one part of his car after reading it.

All in all, he was excited to receive it, and was able to complete the kit without parental assistance (he’s 11) though I still kept asking him questions to keep him thinking as he built it. More reviews coming as we get more kits.


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