Traveling The USA With Little Passports 

So my older girl is working through a geography workbook that specifically covers regions of the United States, so for her box subscription this year, I felt it would make the most sense to get her Little Passport’s USA Edition. I showed her the box when it came in the mail and explained that to her, made sense to her, she just wanted to dig into the box!

The items above are all of the items she found when she opened the box. She opened it and found a neat little folder, pictured below as well, in addition to a scratch book, a USA field journal, a disposable camera, a map of the USA and a letter from Sofia. 

Pictured above is the file folder that came with her box. I must say, she wasn’t very thrilled about this, but that also hinged on the fact she had just seen her sister open hers and get a suitcase which seemed to be what she was wanting. If you’re only ordering one subscription, this shouldn’t be an issue. Personally, I thought it was a cute folder and a neat way for older kids to keep all their Little Passports items in one place.

I got to say she probably spent the most time working on the scratch book that was included with her box. I’m not even sure if we entirely figured it out. Some pages seemed to make stickers while others did not, but there was a lot of scratching and oohing and ahhing going on, plus it occupied her for quite awhile. She didn’t seem to pay attention to the importance of the shapes in the book, but that could deepen the lessen – she did however find some on her map.

All in all, very worthwhile and we are looking forward to see where we are going to learn about next month.


2 thoughts on “Traveling The USA With Little Passports 

    • They’re really cool, I tried to tailor each kids subscription this year either to what they they or what they are learning (for example her geography ties in) and so far they’re all amazing. The Little Passports ones were intro ones so they haven’t learned about any countries or states yet, so I’ll update more when they get more boxes.

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