Why Do Families Choose To Homeschool?

Obviously I am only one family and my story is only one story out of probably hundreds of thousands but there are numerous reasons why families choose to either start or to continue to homeschool their children.

Images like the one float around the Internet and people think that the majority of families probably homeschool their children for religious reasons. While my family is Christian, we did not choose to homeschool because of religion. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics only 17% of homeschooling familes choose to do so for religious reasons. Only 17%!

My family personally, I think, best falls in with the green slice above. We had numerous safety concerns with our local school. Our oldest boy was getting bullied on the school bus, when the school did nothing to stop it, I just started driving him to school.

Then he started getting bullied at recess by older students, but there were never any repercussions for those students. He also had concerns about his teacher yelling in the classroom at the students and smacking things in the room. When we brought it to the attention of the principal, the teacher didn’t deny it all, just said it was how she was.

The final straw was when the kids reported something to us about what sounded abusive from another teacher, not their home room. They were pulled that day. And the school still tried to dismiss everything.

Now, we do like to use curriculum that is Christian-based because we are Christian and so because of that people might get the opinion that we homeschool for religious reasons, we don’t but it is certainly a reason we have continued for. 

How about you all? Why did you decide to homeschool? Did anything change while you have been homeschooling?


2 thoughts on “Why Do Families Choose To Homeschool?

  1. I wanted more time with the kids. I worked from conception till my oldest was 8 years old, with only about six weeks maternity leave. My kids were in daycare before they were two months old full-time. So I had missed do much, I wanted more time back!

    Then my third grader was treated horrible by his teacher, and it seemed like I couldn’t fight it. When she called CPS on our family I about had a breakdown. I cooperated with child protective services through their investigation as much as possible. Eventually it was my case officer that told me I had every legal right to homeschool (you can imagine what it was like if Office of Children and Families is investigating YOU and at the conclusion of their investigation they suggest you should pull your kids from public school and homeschool… Enough said.). She suggested it until I took a copy of our case to the superintendent of the school district and sue to get my kids into a charter or private school. I just decided to continue homeschooling – I had quit working full-time, I enjoyed being with my kids, and had no desire to discontinue at that point.


    • I am so sorry you had such an awful experience with your local school, and missed so much time with your wonderful babies. I am glad your case worker was so supportive and pro-homeschooling. That seems so rare! While I think the schools serve a purpose, I think they are just so overwhelmed with the sheer number of children they are dealing with, things are happening and parents are noticing but the schools aren’t yet. I don’t think I will be able to trust putting my kids back with a school district after my experience and that really saddens me because they could be so much better.

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