What Does Your Schoolyear Look Like?

One of the greatest advantages about homeschooling is that a family can homeschool however it works for them. That includes with their schedule. I know someone who was speaking to a large group of homeschoolers who said at that time, the only thing that brought our group together is we were Christian families choosing to homeschool our children. That was all we had in common. Some of us worked, while some stayed home; some were military, some civilian. Some joined programs to get funding, others remained independent. And we definitely all didn’t use the same curriculum. So you can only imagine how vastly different our homeschooling schedules likely looked as well.

Some families choose to follow the traditional schedule set forth by the public schools in their areas. This may work best for them for any number of reasons; be it family scheduling or because the are with a program that is run by that school district so they need to follow the same schedule. There are literally as many ways to homeschool as their are families who homeschool.

Personally, my family homeschools year round. This was something that happened purely by chance but that has continued to be part of who we are (maybe permanently, maybe just for this season.) Our first year homeschooling, I pulled my kids from school mid-year and we finished off the year with just simple workbooks but by the time they finished those, their new books had already arrived and they were gunning to get started on their new books. It was like Christmas, but for homeschool! 

This same trend continued for my family for a couple of years and has led to my children being older age-wise then their grade level peers. My 7th grader is 11, 5th grader is 9, 4th grader is 7 and 1st grader is 5. 

Because of this excitement, our year round calendar has basically been completing one school year in 36 weeks (if it corresponds with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, or Easter then we take a week off for those holidays, which extends the year a little longer). Other year round families I have heard of usually literally go year round, completing one school year in a 12 month period but inserting either regular (school for three weeks, break for one) or random breaks throughpuythe year as long as they are finished by the end of year.

What does your school year look like? Traditional or year round? If year round, how/when do you schedule your breaks?


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