What Can Homeschoolers Accomplish?

I keep seeing posts about homeschoolers and wgat they are able to accomplish, something families may be asked when family or friends find out that you’re homeschooling. They’re well-meaning and concerned about the children, just usually misinformed.

Homeschool children can and do go on to achieve a lot, as has been highlighted by recent events with the Olympics in Rio. I’ve seen pictures floating around in regards to the gold medalist gymnast, Simone Biles that references how well homeschoolers compete.

Locally, my community also celebrates trapshooter Corey Cogdell who took the Bronze in Rio for Team USA, was also a homeschooler. 

Even closer to home, though not connected to the Olympics, my oldest was just cast in the Nutcracker ballet, along with two other homeschoolers he knows from co-op. When he told his dad he was cast, his dad congratulated him, saying he’d be dancing on the biggest stage in the biggest state. He was just stoked to have gotten cast considering he had never auditioned before (though I knew he was really talented).

I’d say homeschoolers accomplish a lot, how about you?


2 thoughts on “What Can Homeschoolers Accomplish?

  1. So proud of your oldest! That is great!!

    I think it’s easy to underestimate homeschooled kids because we don’t realize how much more thought, time, and effort they have to invest in the things that really matter to them! That’s where greatness appears; when they can take a passion and turn it into a talent through practice and study. Many public school kids don’t have that amount of time, sadly.


    • I totally agree, though I don’t know if it necessarily hinges on time or also parents or communication. There were plenty of other students at the audition, but on the way there, he specifically only asked about a public school child he knew from other classes. She’d taken more classes and longer than him, but wasn’t there. I am not going to guess at why, but I feel that even if a student has the time to take a talent and turn it into greatness, they have to either have a parent who can see that talent who pushes them to do more or a line of open communication with their parent so they can ask for more, be it auditions, camps, classes, etc. Thanks for your comment.

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