Homeschool Organization 

Okay, I gotta admit when we started homeschooling, we were your typical “everybody gather around the table to do homework.” The kitchen table doubled as our school area, and while there was nothing wrong with that, we didn’t really have a system in place for storing all the things the kids needed. Anything extra got shoved in a cupboard, homework was supposed to be kept in their backpacks, but we still jad the seemingly never-ending search for the long lost workbook.

Then we moved and we had an additional bedroom. I thought it would be wonderful because it would be our classroom. I set up a desk for myself and a computer area for the kids to do their homework (this was when we were mostly just using Switched On Schoolhouse). Then I lined one wall of the room with posters and the other with bookshelves, because when you homeschool, you can never have too many books/bookshelves.

The problem with this set up, while it seemed wonderful and was literally everything I had imagined, it didn’t work for my on-the-go family. Even when we schooled at home, kids would disappear into different rooms or corners to do their work. Needless to say, we just call that room the play room now.

Now, I have everything organized in what I think was supposed to have been a coat closet. We bought an extra metal shelf set and assembled it inside the closet. (We actually assembled it outside the closet first then realized it wouldn’t go in, so disassembled and then reassembled it inside the closet and it fit.) We purchased small sterilite containers for storing all our school supplies like crayons, glue, pencils, even foam stickers. I added two banker boxes on the bottom, which is where my older boys store their current curriculum, and two larger sterilite containers on one of the top shelves, which is where my younger girls keep their curriculum. The sterilite containers seem to work better for them because they can see their work, and they happen to like the pink lids (which match the rest of the smaller containers). The boys seem to like the boxes. When the work is put away, it is out of sight and they can be off to something else. 

Above the shelf with all the school supplies and curriculum storage, is where things get trickier. This is a pile of games, homeschool manipulatives in their boxes, and piles of curriculum we are not currently using. This part is a work in progress.

This is what works for us.

What have you found that works for you?


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