Making Your Own Planner

I see posts from moms asking about what kind of homeschool planner to use in regards to planning out the homeschool year. I have been homeschooling for four years, year round, (so more grades than calendar years done lol) but have never seen the point to buy in to buying a planner.

So I figured I would share what works for me. I used to list out pages due per subject, just all typed out in a word document for our lesson plan as we refer to it. I suppose it’s the same as a planner, but I have always made it. When I did it this way, I listed out the weeks, adding the coordinating dates and then divided out the amount of work in their books by the number of weeks. From there it was just plugging in the right number of pages. 

For grading purposes, it was then translated into a spreadsheet with 36 columns for the weeks, divided by the subjects. And the percentage and grade level would be listed towards the front of the spreadsheet where the subject titles were. I still do this.

However, my planner has changed a little and requires much less effort now on my part and allows much more freedom for my children. One of them is pictured below:

As you can see, this is the planner for my 7th grader, broken down by subject. It tells him how much work he is expected to do in each subject, however, the flexibility with the table is you can make it so it’s a range, not a set requirement. Maybe you only need 3 pages a week, you can set it up as saying 3-4. This gives them the option to do more, but they don’t have to. In fact, if they do, it only benefits them by finishing a subject a little sooner, especially if they can do it consistently.

Have you ever made your own planner? What have you done that has worked for your students?


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