How Does Education In The U.S. Compare Internationally?

I know this isn’t really a homeschool topic, though one could certainly argue that the state of education in our country today, namely public education, has been a driving factor towards home education for some homeschooling families. I just saw this report, and I have to say, even though I have always known we were lagging behind other countries, I was shocked.

The map below is a map of the United States, labeling each state with a comparison country based on rankings of a test that students take internationally when they’re 15-years-old. The article explains that the highest ranking countries are purple, but there isn’t any purple on our map, despite how much we as a country spend on public education. Go ahead, scroll down, take a look at the map and see how your state compares.

My own state is brown. Not the worst color, but certainly not the best it could be either. And even though I did not start homeschooling because of the state of public education, apparently especially in my state as there are ones that rank better than mine, now I know why my oldest child’s public school teacher kept trying to tell me he was gifted when I had him in public school.

Another thing that shocks me is that we have been working on improving the state of the quality of education in this country for more than a decade. We had No Child Left Behind in 2001, followed by Race to the Top in 2009. The data from this map, while not 2016, is 2011, more recent than those pieces of legislation, which tells me what the government has been trying, obviously has not been working. 

One thing I do know though, is that statistics show that homeschooling works. Even if I was hesitant to believe statistics, I have seen it in my own children. It’s no wonder my child’s teacher wanted me to enroll him in a gifted school, because compared to the state of education in public schools, he is. I don’t know if that is because he is naturally brilliant or because we, as his parents have always encouraged his love of learning and exploration, or maybe a combination of both, but it makes me glad we made the choice to homeschool.

How about you? How does your state compare? What led you to homeschool your child/ren?


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