Trying new things

As parents, we sometimes know more than our children what they are going to like, before they do, especially when they are younger. And pushing them to try new things can help them to have rewarding, educational experiences that they otherwise would not have had. And sometimes , they’ll come to find, they like it. It could be as simple as a new food (I’m sure we will with our Raddish subscription, see the box subscription page for more info) or a new sport/activity. For my son, it was about encouraging him to try a new experience in relation with classes he has been taking for years.

I found out about some ballet auditions a couple of weeks ago and my oldest son fit the requirements that they were asking for (older than 8 with at least 2 years of ballet experience, though in talking to some other moms at the auditions, some kids auditioning didn’t quite fit that bill, not sure how that is going to work out but moving on) and so I decided he should at least try for it. He has taken ballet for three years through a less serious company than this, as well as a year of Irish Dance. But this company did actual preformances for the community, compared to just for the parents of students, and would be doing so in an actual theatre.

He was initially very resistant to going, which seemed to be because he said he had never auditioned for anything before, what was he supposed to do? I told him to just relax and when the day comes, to do what the teachers there tell him to do. Jump to the day of, he seemed to be a mix of emotions. He readily got himself prepared for the audition, but still kept saying he was nervous and kept looking down.

We got to the auditions, he didn’t know anyone there but thankfully, he was not the only boy and during their warm ups, the boys younger than him seemed to group around him. Then they began, and they just danced and did barr exercises, things he has done many times before.

Now unfortunately comes the waiting period. Which is a lesson in itself, learning to be patient. The teachers said they should have casting emailed to the parents in about a week, so until then, we wait.

Have you ever encouraged your children to try something new? How did it work out?


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