Choosing Curriculum…Day 5: Social Studies 

Welcome to the last day of my Choosing Curriculum Series. All the older subjects blog posts should be able to be found below this one.

Today I want to talk about choices for Social Studies, be it history, geography, etc. I remember last year I had a really hard time with this one for my eldest because I felt like every book I looked in for 6th grade geography really focused in on Islam when it discussed the Middle East. While Islam is part of Middle Eastern history, it is not all there is to it which is how I felt it was being discussed in the books I was seeing and honestly, I didn’t see the need to bring religion I to geography, history or politics maybe, but not geography.

Last year we ended up using 6th grade Daily Geography which while it didn’t cover Islam, I didn’t notice when I purchased it that it had all the answers on the sides of the page as kids worked. Thankfully, somehow my child didn’t notice as he still got things wrong and challenged some answers, but I didn’t feel like that was a good set up for learning.

This year I have made sure to flip through the books my kids are doing if they touch on other parts of the world, like my 5th grader is doing one by Glencoe and it does discuss the Middle East, but I read through the section and the questions being asked and found it acceptable.

My 4th grader though is doing Spectrum Geography: Regions of the United States, and one of the things we are most excited about this year is with going with that topic I decided to also get her the United States subscription for Little Passports so as she is learning the regions in her workbook, she will be introduced to various new states each month through her box subscription.

I set up her younger sister the same way. She is doing DK 1st grade geography which teaches types of geography around the world, so she will be having her workbook learning supplemented by the country version of Little Passport. We are currently awaiting both of their first boxes, due in a few days, but when they get here, there will definitely be an update as well as information about both of these posted to the Box Subscriptions page.


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