Defining Grades…it’s just a number 

I read websites where it talks about how confused homeschool students can occasionally become when they are asked by usually well-meaning (though certainly not always, that could be the subject of a whole blog by itself) strangers or family members. The websites usually then proceed to state that the child or the parent explains how they homeschool and maybe they do this grade for one subject, but another grade level entirely for another subject. Or they eventually just say the grade level that the child would be in if they were in public school.

I say occasionally because in all of my experience with homeschoolers, I have yet to meet one who was unsure of what grade they were in. My own children do not fit into either of the scenarios above. For the most part, they start at age level with their peers or close to it, depending on birthdays and where we are in our school year.

Labeling them with a grade level has always been very simple though, as they started in one set grade and would promote one grade at a time. Now things are starting to change however; now I have a middle schooler. He just finished sixth grade math and in researching my options, I kept coming back to pre-algebra. (Link for the Pre-Algebra curriculum we chose). It was not until I purchased the curriculum that I thought about post-7th grade, meaning the fact that he would be taking algebra in 8th grade instead of in high school. That led me to thinking about his eventual transcript.

Thankfully one site I found had the answers I was looking for, that if takes something in middle school, it can be listed for credit on the transcript, but not factored into the gpa, or if he does algebra 1 in 8th grade, then he will take algebra 2 in high school which will imply to anyone looking at his transcript post-graduation that he took algebra 1 if he got into 2.

How about anyone else? Have you ever had to figure out how to credit for work done in middle school for high school? If not, how would you approach it? Send me your comments ✉️


2 thoughts on “Defining Grades…it’s just a number 

  1. The problem is, schools no longer go by pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2; they now simply lump high school math into math 1, math 2, math 3, math 4. Every student I know of in the high school where we live, are so confused!!


    • It does appear to be getting confusing nowadays, I just had to look to be sure myself. Obviously it has been awhile since I’ve been out of school, lol. Even just with what I have found it still seems conflicting how to list it; my 7th grader received his math curriculum today in the mail and on the outside of the box it said 7th grade, but the books said Ore-Algebra. Then I checked our local public schools’ website for graduation requirements and while it didn’t go into Algebra 2 or beyond, it did specify that students are required to complete Algebra 1 in order to graduate. I think a lot of the confusion probably stems from the regional variability in what is required of students. Personally my best thought on requirements for my children is to have them complete the requirements for the best college they are hoping to get into. Thank you for your comment.


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