Graduation/Promotion Ceremonies

We end each school year with celebrating each child’s successes over the past year, both academic and non-academic. We like to have a little celebration ceremony, complete with trophies and ribbons for the children to cheer them on for the things they have done. Just recently, we finished our school year (a little late, yes, but we school year round, more on that elsewhere, I promise) so we had our ceremony. We picked up cake, ordered pizza and of course the requisite trophies and ribbons. Once everything had been arranged, family was invited to attend the festivities. The children put on their fancy clothes, which they like to do. They received ribbons for projects they have done throughout the year for book reports (they made dioramas, which I like to call, book-reports-in-a-box), poetry, science fair projects, painting/drawings, and 3d models. All of the above projects were loaded into a surveymonkey and the link was sent to friends and family to vote on to determine winners. Everything was kept anonymous, until after the results were collected. The kids participated in physical fitness events and were scored against other homeschool students for prizes (medals) and also competed against their siblings for bowling and fishing trophies. They also received some for their grades, but that’s not competition based as they can earn the same level as one another. Overall, everyone seemed to be thrilled with what they received.


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