Homeschool School Store

There are days when it becomes more trying to encourage some of my students (my kids) to get their assigned work done. I have tried to schedule things for them, to see how to make it easiest for them. I have tried offering breaks or free time. I tried and tried, and eventually found a way to encourage all of my children to get work done.

I made a school logo for our school and this led to making some currency for the children, which I printed on card-stock paper and then laminated. Then I went shopping and bought school supplies, mostly featuring characters my children liked, and then priced them using the currency I had made for the children.

Our most expensive items in our school store run for 4000 Heritage Bucks, which is what we call our money as we have named our school Heritage Academy. The least expensive item is 1 Heritage Buck. Children can earn 10 for getting A’s on periodic tests and 100 for every week of assignments completed, as long as it is completed on or before the date assigned. So far, so good, all of my children are now pulling the weight of their assignments and I no longer have any students falling behind. (Previously I had one student who was behind by one week, every week, for about five or six weeks.)