Homeschool Organization

How do you manage all the homeschooling supplies that are necessary for students in different grade levels?

My answer to this involves color. Right now I have three children of my five who are currently homeschooling, though of course they all eventually will be doing so and at the same time. To help with this, each child in the household (and even mom and dad) have an assigned color. We use this for school supplies, of course, but it even extends to their outdoor gear, shoes, etc. They all have rain coats (as we have been getting a lot of rain this past week where we are), sneakers, back packs, folders, pencil cases, notebooks and so on. Our youngest child’s diaper table has labels using his color. This method of organization can extend throughout your entire home. We simply buy duck tape in the colors for labeling. Slap it on a laundry hamper, you know who’s it is. Same with shelving, you name it. Our kids have the colors red, blue, pink, purple and yellow, in that order from oldest to youngest.
It does end up taking a little extra work when buying some things, like notebooks or coats, if you’re color coordinating, but it is doable and makes it easier to remember whose things are whose. And the kids do seem to come to identify with the colors they are assigned and prefer them over others as it signifies what is theirs, and they end up picking out items in those colors as well.

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