Intro to spelling with the bigs…

The bigs, as I call them, are my first and third grader. We have just started incorporating spelling into our curriculum since it wasn’t originally part of what we had been using, but through recent observation of different assignments, I deemed it necessary. I did a google search and compiled a list of words for them from first to seventh grade.

Then I had them sit at the dinning table and we went through the list. My goal was by starting at first grade with both children, I could establish what each one knew already and not waste time re-teaching what they already know. My first grader quickly became discouraged and was soon dismissed from the table, but thankfully only after several words had already been eliminated.

My third grader was definitely more persistent and managed to keep going for quite some time. My original idea had been to test to the point of them missing fifteen words from any and all levels of spelling and then making those fifteen words be the assignment for our first week.

I made a list with nine different methods of practicing their spelling words, methods that would allow them to turn the work in to me at the end of the week. Some of these were as common as writing the words five times each, and some were slightly more unique like writing the words with the consonants and the vowels in different colors. I would have liked to be able to give them more than simply nine method options, so if you have any methods to share of assignments that can be turned in on paper, please feel free to share them with me by email or leave a comment.


5 thoughts on “Intro to spelling with the bigs…

  1. The nine assignments for spelling are:
    *write each word on the spelling list five times
    *make a word search using all spelling words, with the words circled
    *make a crossword with all spelling words for the answers
    *make a sentence for each word, using the word correctly
    *make one story using all spelling words, with the words underlined
    *ladder words, one letter of each word on a line going down adding one letter per line
    *write all words followed by their definition
    *color words, each word written with consonants in blue and vowels in red
    *write all words in ABC order


  2. Play Hangman with Spelling words, or Play cards (like go fish) but use letters instead of numbers and go fish for the words each needs for their spelling words but they only win the points for the word if spelled correctly

    Unscramble the words

    Boggle but only past (current school year) and present spelling words count for points

    Make spelling words out of snakes of playdough or clay

    Spread letter cards throughout the house and have kids hunt down in a race the letters they need for their spelling words and fist to get their whole list found and correctly spelled wins prize. (love)


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