Companies We Use

Reviews are posted to this page of companies we have used, we have not received compensation for doing these reviews. The reviews are not ranked by favorites or least favorites, simply by alphabetical order.

Alpha Omega Publications ~

This company makes a number of products, and I have not used all of them, though I have used quite a few. My oldest three children have used Switched on schoolhouse and they have really loved it! They love how it automatically grades things for them (and so do I) and how it compliments them on their work. They also like the videos, which they watch over and over, and the games, which I sometimes have to limit them on. But when it gets down to it, if I have a child who is supposed to be on a break between school years who is begging to get to do school work instead of playing video games, I think that means the curriculum is a real win.

We have also used Horizons, which is a workbook format, and not a computer based learning liked Switched on, but my daughter loved while she was doing it, though I would honestly say now that she is doing Switched on, she loves that more. I have not used some of their other products, like Monarch, which is supposed to be like Switched on, but Internet based, and don’t really plan to as I feel that wouldn’t work for our family dynamic, though I am sure it would work for other families, and might well work for mine if my kids were older. We also have not started with LifePac, but I do have a child who will be using it soon, and I will post a review of it once we have gotten our feet wet with it.

Family Learning Organization ~

In Alaska, we do not have any requirements to test our students or to maintain any records of their progress, but I have always felt it would be worthwhile to do so in case that every became necessary. I found this company through an internet search and liked that they allowed the parent to administer the test at home and then send the tests in for scoring as some of my students have anxiety issues, I felt this would help them in the long run. We have used their products several times now, both ordering in advance and with short notice, and each time, we have been hugely impressed with the service we have received, including both how quickly we receive the test themselves and how quickly we have received the results back. I have even recommended their products to family members who also homeschool! We even had an issue where I filled in the information wrong, but since I was a return customer, they were able to confirm it against my previous order. I can definitely say I am going to continue ordering from them while my kids are still in the grades that take these tests.

Quick Trophy ~

I firmly believe that all children deserve to be rewarded for their hardwork and this was one of the things that I was worried about when my children stopped public school. My oldest two children had done the science fair at their local public school and so were really starting to miss it and so we were looking into ways to incorporate rewards and activities into their homeschool learning. Quick Trophy did not fail us. The first time we ordered from them, they worked with me because I had a PO box and found me a way to not only get me my order faster, but cheaper. They also upgraded some of the ribbons we ordered to nicer looking ones. The second time, they noticed something in my order and called to recommend a different product they felt would work better that I hadn’t seen on their website.


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